Become an Official



During Phase 1 Distribution of Hopstox, GHHC is focusing on registering Hopstox Retailers who operate creative & business service agencies.

Do you provide any of the following services?
Music Recording
Music Mixing
Music Mastering
Video Recording
Video Editing
Video Animations
Graphic Design
Merchandise Production
T-Shirt Production
Website Design & Development
Mobile App Design & Development
Music Business Consultation
Entertainment Law
Social Media Management
Artist Development
Artist Verse/Hook (established artists)
Marketing & Promotions

Apply below to become an official Hopstox Retailer.


Hopstox is currently being exchanged at a rate of .50 for 1 USD. Therefore, for every $100USD worth of services your company renders you will receive 200 Hopstox. The value of Hopstox is expected to raise to $3.50 concluding phase 1 Distribution and up to $5.00 concluding Phase 2 Distribution. As the rate of Hopstox increases, so does the value of the Hopstox that you earn by providing services.

What is the maximum amount of Hopstox you are willing to accept in exchange for services per month?