Hopstox is the official currency of Hip Hop. It is a stable coin that is expected to have stable growth as it is pegged by the value of Hip Hop digital assets. The currency is designed to allow Hip Hop artists increased access to the finances and music business development services needed to effectively produce, promote, and profit from their digital content. Hopstox is making wealth more accessible to Hip Hop entrepreneurs. 

The following estimations of value are based on Hopstox's three phase distribution plan.


$.50USD / Hopstox

$5.00USD / Hopstox

$3.50USD / Hopstox


Turn your Skills into Stox

 Your talents are being utilized when you are making music, videos, and other productions. The resulting product can earn income by being sold, licensed, downloaded, and/or streamed. With Hopstox, you don't have to wait until the world knows you have a hit song to receive value for your creation. You can mint stok by depositing digital assets into your Hip Hop Treasury account, or you can earn stok by completing work-orders at HSU.


Use your Stox

Similar to currencies such as the U.S. Dollar and Bitcoin, Hopstox & the custom Stok created on our platform can serve as true mediums of exchange.Therefore, when you create your own custom stok with Hopstox, you will be able to use your stok as payment to your team, consultants, and other creatives who help you bring your vision to life.  Stok could be held and can increase in value as the stok owner's brand value increases. And stok could be spent with all Authorized Vendors of Hopstox.


Nvest in stox

Nvesting is our patent pending process of purchasing digital tokens pegged by the value of underlying valuated assets. By purchasing Hopstox you benefit from the overall performance of all the tokens on our platform. When you buy the stok of a particular Artist, Brand, Song, or Video, you are betting on the success of that particular person / production. As the overall engagement with the underlying assets of the Stok owner increases, the value of the Stok you purchase goes up.  You can purchase Hip Hop Stok at the Hip Hop Stok Exchange or you can BUY HOPSTOX HERE.