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Create a custom branded, asset-pegged stable coin today with the help of Hopstox. Hopstox enables Hip Hop content creators to develop a new type of cryptocurrency. These custom branded, asset-pegged stable-tokens are pegged by the market value of a registered, valuated, performing asset. Claim your account with Hopstox now to build your own currency.



Hopstox is proud to be the official cryptocurrency administrator of the HYPE Magazine, the #1 Digital Magazine in the world! Since 2002, the HYPE Magazine has been creating original urban content featuring some of the worlds greatest urban artists and entertainers. Through this strategic partnership, the Hype Magazine is now capable of offering its own currency pegged at the value of its digital assets which are performing in the market.



As the Global Ambassador for Hip Hop Treasury and Hopstox, Kevin Hustle is an Entrepreneur & Hip Hop Artist who delivers thought-provoking yet melodic lyrics. His music inspires the Hip Hop community to engage in wealth-building solutions.  As an up and coming Hip Hop artist, Kevin Hustle is using his cryptocurrency as a reward to fans who support his early career growth and as a tool to compensate his associates and team.


Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have a value that is speculative in nature and are extremely volatile.  The stable coins powered by Hopstox have an actual value, because they are backed by, and pegged to the value of real-world assets performing in the market. Asset-backed stable coins offer secure, and immediate liquidity for your digital assets. Creating your own asset-backed tokens will allow you to maintain 100% of your ownership while offering an attractive wealth building vehicle for your fans and potential investors.