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Hopstox Decentralized, Inc is a Decentralized Global Enterprise commissioned by the Global Hip Hop Commission to provide blockchain development services to Hip Hop Entrepreneurs worldwide.

Company:             Hopstox Decentralized, Inc.             Amount Minted:   20,000,000                      Token SYMBOL:    HPSX
Type:                    Hip Hop Crypto Development          Total Amount:                                               Issue Price:           $.50

HOW TO PURCHASE the Hopstox Token


      1.  Login/Signup for a Coinbase Wallet

      2.  Purchase USD Coin (USDC)

      3.  Complete the form below to Submit a Purchase Order for the Hopstox Token.





















      3. Send the required amount of USD Coin to the following wallet:

                   Wallet Address of Administrator: 


      4. Hopstox will confirm your order and send you an email evidencing your purchase within 24 hours. 


      5. Once you have received the conformation email, follow these steps to add the Hopstox Token to your wallet. 

                a. Login to your Coinbase Wallet Account

                b. Click on "Ad Token"

                c. Select "Custom Token"

                d. Enter the following information to Add the Hopstox Token to your wallet: 

                     i.  Token Contract Address: 0xE7F2b490B734E39bB701DA63276878b4d65CC7d9

                    ii. Token Symbol:  HPSX

                   iii. Decimals of Precision:   18 

       6. Once you have entered the above information, your purchased Hopstox Tokens will be added to your Coinbase wallet.

How many Units of Hopstox Token are you purchasing? (Hopstox Tokens are currently 50cents/token USD. Purchasers are required to send the relevant amount of USD Coin to execute the purchase)