Own a Piece of Hip Hop

Hip Hop is the #1 Music Genre of the world. As a creator, producer, executive, or even a fan, you can now own a piece of the inherent value of your favorite Hip Hop entrepreneurs. Unlike Bitcoin, you don't have to worry about its price suddenly dropping. With a Reserve System to hedge against deflation, Hopstox can only remain stable and/or increase in value over time! For a limited time, you can enjoy the largest economic reward available in Hip Hop by purchasing our PRE-ICO tokens. You can purchase Hopstox with USD Coins, Cash App, or with your debit/credit card.

The following estimations of value are based on Hopstox's three phase distribution plan.


$.50USD / Hopstox

$5.00USD / Hopstox

$3.50USD / Hopstox

Hip Hop Cryptocurrency 

Hopstox is the official currency of Hip Hop. As such, it is a digital representation of the inherent value of Hip Hop Assets (As evidenced on the Global Hip Hop Registry). Hopstox increases in value as more people engage with Hip Hop artists, the digital assets they create, and the products & services that they create. Hip Hop artists and the brands that they own & operate can have their own custom crypto which will be pegged by the value of their performing assets and redeemable for Hopstox, Bitcoin, and fiat currencies.

Hip Hop Stok Exchange

Hopstox is developing the official Stok Exchange of Hip Hop.  This unique trading platform will allow Hip Hop fans and cryptocurrency enthusiasts the opportunity to bet on the success of a Hip Hop asset by Nvesting in an artist's stok. A stok is a hip hop token which represents the value of an artist, or a particular song, video, company, or project of an artist. Nvesting is the process of purchasing an artist's stok. The more a song, video, or album is engaged with online, the more the value of your Nvestment increases. Because stoks are NOT securities and do not represent ownership interest, the hip hop artist will still maintain total ownership.

Hip Hop Smart Contracts

Hopstox provides Hip Hop artists and brands with a suite of Blockchain Smart Contracts that allow them to operate more trustworthy businesses while maintaining creative and economic control over their careers. With our hip hop smart contracts, artists can sell merchandise, get booked, sell tickets, reward their fans, and negotiate deals without the need of third party intermediaries. All Hip Hop Smart Contracts will be published on the Hopstox Blockchain.


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Monetize your Content

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